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Helko GameFit

Turn any child-care space into a highly engaging fitness playground

Introducing GameFit - the new offscreen activity console created to engage kids learn&play

  • Wireless tirget pods
  • Applications for single and group game
  • Results tracking
  • Easy Set-up
  • Ages: 3-14
  • Large TV for results&setup FitGame console
  • Achivements stats
  • Autonomy 

GameFit is like...

"Playing Super Mario in the backyard".

GameFit consists of wirelessly connected super durable pods that give an great gaming experience. Create your own rules; play at your own pace.

In spring 2017 we will launch our Kickstarter campaign. We believe that with your help we can make the world healthier. Stay in touch, to change the world of fitness with us!

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